Awnings Gazebo calm.jpg

Awnings Gazebo-Construction products prefabricated wooden house in the form of green technology, energy saving when produced naturally grown wood types and can put together according to each area of particular house Buildings made of timber frame main bearing ribs, wooden bars linked by the “Gang Nail” – bearing plate and steel bar was produced from [...]

Garden harvest supply for green

Garden harvest supply, golden harvest is a deep warm tone of yellow, which was popular in home decorating schemes during the 60′s and early 70′s Though not as vivid as some of sunny yellow or as calm as pastel, color still manages to convey a sense of abundance, comfort, simplicity and homeyness. Given that it [...]

Raised Garden Beds Design Ideas

Raised bed garden designs are raised so that they are higher than the surrounding soil. Gardeners choose raised beds of vegetables so they can put in the nutrient-rich soil, instead of trying to complement the existing ground floor. Raised bed vegetable planters are an attractive feature of the landscape, complementing the country and outdoor areas. [...]

Ceramic Garden Stool

The stools that have covered a garden for a long time will damage the lawn and leave the unhygienic garden. That is why it is important to clean and take the garden stool correctly in order to make it sterile again. There are several methods and tools for removing the faces, but most of the [...]

Cactus Garden Ideas

Cactus garden – Not only beautiful flowers that can be the beautiful garden on your yard, But you have to try cactus as your garden plants, cactus is a kind of plants that produce water, it usually find in the dessert. But know you may be not strange to hear this kind of plants. Cactus [...]

apartement herb garden ideas

Now garden decoration and we want to give some ideas decorating herb garden ideas. Plants need their care, some more than others… but once they have beautiful healthy and well, you will notice the touch that brings to the room where the ubiques. Herb garden ideas are usually simple care, making sure we have them [...]

Planters One of 5 total Pictures Applicative Green Wall Garden Designs

Stone garden wall planter along the side of a house landscaping create a beautiful focal point that adds precision to a house and artistically starts blooming flowers carefully selected. Gardening these planters is easier than gardening on the ground floor, as they do not have to bend as far to reach your plants. The stone [...]

indoor herb garden kit black

Indoor Herb Garden Kit-It’s wasteful to buy food at the market or home stores that cannot consumed. Rest often leave or forgotten until wilted and we had to throw them away. Here are solutions that will help save money and avoid unnecessary waste, namely: green food planted me at home. There are many indoor herb [...]

Garden Stepping Stones pool

Garden Stepping Stones-Slate trace a detour to the seating area, which can accommodate a table or a yoga mat. A small tree provided shade and perspective. In front of the chairs a water element of your choice – whether a small fountain or bowl of water beautiful – became a focal point. Also there stands [...]

Vertical Herb Garden Wall

Vertical herb garden – You can plant your herbs and cooking herbs garden as the seeds are easy to get and growth does not need extreme care, the architecture and landscaping are constantly evolving; different techniques that when applied achieved beautify the environment, maximize the use of space and make it sustainably are incorporated. A [...]